Parque Tayrona: Sweaty and sticky, but an idyllic day trip

Parque Tayrona, Colombia

In search of wilderness and exceptional, magical and memorable experiences, we usually tend not to follow the “top 10, 15, 25 / best things to do” lists. We prefer going off-the-beaten-paths and finding our own adventures. However, this doesn’t mean we completely skip sites, landmarks and places that are “special” but touristy. Come on…I’ve visited the Taj Mahal twice — in the name of love and romance and all that — loved it both times, and highly recommend it!

So, whilst deciding the places to explore in Colombia, Jason and I had a very heated discussion about whether or not to go to Parque Tayrona (also known as Tayrona National Park). The reason for this heated discussion was that we had a short period of time to cover a lot of North Colombia before heading down South to meet our mates who were visiting us from London (they couldn’t visit Colombia in the end — another story worth reading!). As always, I managed to persuade Jason to visit Parque Tayrona. How? Well, we were only going to Boca de Camarones because he wanted to see the pink long featured birds, and I used that as leverage — I am not even ashamed of it!

Anyhow, getting to Parque Tayrona was fairly straightforward, it’s a bus drive from Santa Marta. Go to the public market or transport terminal of Santa Marta and take a bus to La Guajira or Palomino. Just get off at any of the two park entrances El Zaino (open 8am-5pm) and Calabazo (open 6am-2pm) — we got off at the El Zaino entrance.

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